talkovich t90 Shoreline Gold

Vintage Sounds and Modern Playability

The t90 is our original design and covers a wide range of sonic territory. Matching a p90 and a “T” bridge is what we set out to accomplish, our exclusive design Budz P90 w/ a 10k Budz bridge pickup drives a tube preamp beautifully, dynamic, expressive, clear, articulate and balances w/ the p90. Since the original t90 we’ve added several models that offer a variety of tones and playing situations.

-Thinline, Solid and Chambered Available in 25.5 or 24.75 scale lengths.

-Wide Nut (1.75") w/ wide string spacing -medium chunky necks

-Modern 12" neck radius for playability 

Available Models include:  - t90- t3 - t61 - t69 - t33 -

USA Prices from $1700 to $2500+

talkovich guitars

-CRL Pickup Switch

-Custom 280k CTS volume potentiometer

-hand rolled fingerboard edges 

- Budz custom hand wound pickups  

-Glendale cold rolled steel bridge plates

-Glendale saddles  

- thin nitrocellulose lacquer finishes 

- top adjust truss rod  

-available w/ sustainable woods

Ed Roland playing custom high strung talkovich t61