Custom Design single coil pickup sets -

t90 Set-

Budz custom wound low output Budz 50's style P90 (combo of alnico 5 &3 magnets) and a 542 10k bridge pickup. The p90 is luscious but clear and detailed, it's big t-Bone Walker sounds, or Clapton's Woman Tone, quiet Jazz passages,.. it’s a versatile pickup. You can go to snarly or country or rock on the bridge pickup, classic mid position sounds that are fuller than traditional,. the t90 set has a very wide tonal ability. All Pickups are designed in pairs.

All pickups are wound for a dynamic and touch sensitive response, they are shellacked not wax potted,.. personal expression is always the design goal. Pickup sets are calibrated to the the individual guitar's weight and body wood. One man builds ever pickup I use, David Budzinski.

Traditional Set+
Budz Tall Neck w/ Nickel Silver cover and a 42 bridge pickup, a combination of alnico 4 magnets and alnico 2s to sweeten the E&B strings. The Budz tall neck has tall alnico 5 magnets that increase the output without being muddy, It’s a clear and dynamic pickup that drives a tube amp nicely and still has all the chime you want w/ T & S style single pickups.

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